Historical Events Between 1920- 1990

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Historical Events between 1920- 1990 The 1920 census indicates a population in the United States over 100 million people, for the first time. The 15% increase since the last census now showed a count of 106,021,537. The geographic center of the United States population still remained in Indiana, eight miles south-southeast of Spencer, in Owen County. Then on January 10, 1920 The League of Nations is established with the ratification of the Treaty of Versailles, ending the hostilities of the first World War. Nine days later the United States Senate votes against joining the League. All leading to Women given the right to vote when the 19th Amendment to the United States constitution grants universal women 's suffrage. Also known as the Susan B. Anthony amendment, in recognition of her important campaign to win the right to vote. This was a right known as woman suffrage. At the time the U.S. was founded, its female citizens did not share all of the same rights as men, including the right to vote. By March of 1920, a total of 35 states had approved the amendment, one state shy of the two-thirds required for ratification. Southern states were adamantly opposed to the amendment, however, and seven of the states, which were Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina and Virginia had already rejected it before Tennessee’s vote on August 18, 1920. It was up to Tennessee to tip the scale for woman suffrage. The outlook appeared bleak, given the
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