Historical Events That Made The Farms So Special

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Traveling up the north side of Dugan Road, weaved through endless fields trounced by golden, husky corn stalks. With the windows down, the car finally made it 's way to the monumental brick gatehouse, encrusted with ivory vines that wrap around the entire structure. Rays of light gleaned off the golden accents of the rod iron gate. A sea of flowers enveloped the entrance. The broad shouldered security officer let us into the Augusta of the West, Rich Harvest Farms. When first walking the grounds of The Farms, I inhaled the prestige of the hallowed grounds. In the Solheim building, mouth-watering delicacies scattered the room around the noon hour. The building was suffused with countless memorabilia items. Patriotic colors gleaned…show more content…
By the sixth hole, beauty appeared in all directions. The strategically placed black oak tree with its spiny branches, forced me to utilize the left side of the fairway. After the tee ball, Lake Katherine and her ocean blue waves overshadowed the left side, leaving the skinny esophagus of the fairway to lay up my second shot to. From there I pitched onto a perched green guarded by mounding and steep bunkers. Two hills on either side of the hole made my putt difficult to read, leaving me with a two putt for bogey on a par four longer than a runway. The seventh hole, the valley of sin was lined with heather, thick, deep, grabby grass that looked magnificent to the eye. However, hit a ball in there and a different opinion will take shape. A soothing creek intertwines amongst the heather. Trees of different, shapes, and sizes line either side of the hole, making it secluded from the rest of the course. The green was formed on the treacherous incline of a hill. Leaving my shot short of the green made me wonder what I could have done to deserve such brutal punishment to my score, despite making the one mistake that is most definitely a formula for disaster. The green had three distinct portions outlined by a cylinder like mound running through the heart of the short grass. Hole nine 's tee box

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