Historical Events That Took Place During The Classical Period

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Troy O’Donnell
Professor Roberts
April 27, 2015
World Literature I
Historically Significant Influences of Aristotle During the Classical Period, 500-232 BCE, Greece was at the peak of its political and cultural achievement. This was also a time of war, most noteworthy being the vast empire created by Alexander the Great. In a period containing such an immense amount of historical significance there is no doubting that it had influenced the people born. Notorious philosopher Aristotle is no exception, contributing a great deal to the fields of mathematics, biology and ethics. His book titled Nicomachean Ethics contains his views on the ethics of mankind and how they can be applied on a daily basis. This essay will look critically at how the historical events that took place during the Classical Period may have influenced Aristotle’s work. Aristotle was born in Stagira, located in northern Greece, in 384 BCE. He later moved to Athens in 367 BCE, which was widely recognized as both the intellectual and cultural center of ancient Greece. He exhausted close to twenty years of his life at Plato’s Academy, first as a student and then later as a teacher. Although philosophy was a prominent study in ancient Greece it was still a relatively new idea, only beginning to flourish in the early sixth century BCE. It was essentially a byproduct created by inquisitive thinkers who were searching for rational methods for the mysteries of nature and mathematics. To accredit Aristotle merely
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