Historical Events, Trends, Human Rights, Social, And Economic Justice

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The following generational interview was conducted with my co-worker in early childhood intervention, the purpose of this essay is discuss historical events, trends, human rights, social and economic justice, social environment and human behavior over the last sixty-years. In order to discuss some of these socio-political trends and culture, a series of interview questions was asked in regards to P. Fields personal experiences from the early 1940’s to now. The individual of my choice had to be at least 15 years older than the student and belonging from a different era. I felt that P. Fields would make an excellent candidate because of some the brief background history I knew about her and it would also be a great learning
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She was not breathing; she was not making sounds. Her father had to give her chest compressions and

provide her with oxygen. Her sister was fine in the end but only because of P. Fields behavior of what she described herself as “hysterical.” This experience carried on throughout her life and she learned that life can be taken from you in a matter of seconds, she and her family were well aware of that.
“Growing cognitive and language skills give young children the ability to understand and express their feelings and emotions. Children ages 3 to 5 can recognize and label simple emotions, and they learn about themselves when they talk about their anxieties and fears” (Hansen & Zambo, 2007). This example is relatable to P. Fields’ past experience that may have helped shaped her own behaviors, feelings and emotions. Throughout the interview she talked about how close her sister and are, even till this day. Perhaps because of these experience they went through, they developed a stronger bond with one another, changing their overall family relationship. Many of these emotions and feelings are embedded in our memories that trigger particular responses and can even be experienced in the earliest years of childhood.
Family Events
Before finishing first grade, P. Fields moved from Arkansas, New Mexico as a family group with much of her immediate family. This involved her father, maternal grandparents, and
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