Historical Events and Influence on Current Life

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Historical events and influence on current life In one way or another all of us have experienced some events which have had an impact on our lives either positively or otherwise. Iessence this has resulted from the way we view things in different perspectives. These events are influenced by certain underlying factors which include among them, social historical and geographical location of an individual, geopolitacal events for example war, can shape people's perception and change their mode of development. Another fundamental factor which comes into play is the timing of lives whereby we have three types which are core to the effect of influencing the life of an individual, this include; individual time (ontogeny time), generational time and historical time. The period in life of a person that is an individual's 'childhood, adolescent period or old age impacts a persons' position in society, the role they play.( Barbara A. Mitchell, 2012). Generational time on the other hand refers to the age groups in which people are grouped, based upon their age. People born between 1946 and 1964, for example, are often referred to as the baby boom generation. Finally, historical time where our main focus is based refers to societal or large-scale changes or events and how these affect individuals and families, such as political and economic changes, war and technological innovations. (Price, S. J et al, 2002) In the period of 1960s, in the history of America a lot of events took
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