Historical Evolution and Development of the Various Mass Media

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Throughout history there have been several factors that contributed to the historical evolution and development of the various mass media in the United States. Print, broadcast, and electronic media have changed drastically since man was first introduced to them. The speed of these changes are occurring more rapidly now, altering the different forms of media along with it. Though these changes have brought forth many benefits, a few negative impacts have been brought along as well. Print media has been used by people to spread information for centuries, dating all the way back to 59 B.C. by Julius Caesar. Caesar created the “newspaper” to tell the public about important events. During this time news was written on large white boards,…show more content…
They focus on politics and are mainly just concerned with showing their belief in a positive light, while putting a negative spin on other beliefs. Americans should be concerned about this, because it influences people on terms that may not be truthful. Strategies media professionals from different industries have historically used to adapt to societal and technical changes include changing from print media to being online based, business developing pages on social networks, and interacting with its viewers. Certain changes have been made by the different forms of media in order to keep up with the latest trends in technology. I believe in the future, print media will be extinct and electronic media will be the main and maybe even only form of media. When attempting to prosper in the American marketplace, media professionals face the challenges of keeping up with the growing requirement for owners of content to arrange multi-format content in order to fully maximize new forms of digital technology. Legal challenges media professionals face include privacy, advertising, agreement terms, security concerns, and ensuring people with disabilities are able to access their content. In conclusion, several events have had to take place in order for our several medias to be where they are today. This paper displayed some of the influences broadcasting and print media had on people. Print media has been used to spread information to people since the
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