Historical Evolution of Political System in Indonesia

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After all the struggles and changes of the way to be independent, Indonesia has a historical evolution of ideology until it could be democratic like nowadays. Even though Indonesia was declared independent with its ideology of democracy, is it actually democratic for the people and the state? Since the beginning of the declaration of independence by Soekarno in 1945, Indonesia started to create its own political system. It started with the era of Soekarno as president with guided democracy. Then, after 5 years passed, the leaders thought that the political system should be change to parliamentary democracy. In this political system, it pointed the prime minister as the head of the government and the role of president as the head of the state. Parliamentary democracy showed the democracy of people to have rights in the government. It reflected the many amount of political parties shown up as the vehicle to enter the parliament. The role of the prime minister was also strong in making decisions which made the role of president covered. In the way of the state’s interest, it was dominated by the parliamentary interest. Hence, it made many changes in rolling the cabinet of parliament that made the programs to support the state’s interest became paused. After the experiences of parliamentary democracy, President Soekarno changed the political system to guided…
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