Historical Figures Of The French Revolution

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One can learn an ample amount about historical figures through the written works of historians; however, in order to truly understand historical events one must analyze a primary source on their related topic. This is the same for Guillaume-Chretien de Lamoignon de Malesherbes, who was an influential lawyer during the French Revolution. One primary document that explores in depth the experiences of Malesherbes is The Life of Lamoignon Malesherbes written by Edward Mangin and Jean Delisle de Sales. Published in 1814, this document can be trusted as an accurate analysis of Malesherbes’s life as it was published only 20 years after his death. Also to further support this claim both Sales (1741-1816) and Mangin (1772-1852) were alive during the time of Malesherbes. Sales was an established French polygraph and philosopher who is most notably known for The Philosophy of Nature: Treatise on Human Moral Nature, and by 1794 he began to pity for royalists and as a result was arrested for publishing anti-revolutionary work. While Mangin was not as well known as Sales, he held a college degree and published a wide range of credited works. The purpose of this biography was to portray the true life of Malesherbes, which may have been tainted by being sentenced to the guillotine in 1794. While The Life of Lamoignon Malesherbes covers a wide array of events throughout his life, one can indirectly learn that Malesherbes was much more than another victim of the reign of terror, but a…
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