Historical Foundation & Dimensions Of Interactive Teaming.

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Historical Foundation & Dimensions of Interactive Teaming In the first chapter it talks about the targeting population served through interactive teaming. These targeting populations include those who are at risk students and the students having difficulty with school failure as well as the groups of school age students who are currently identified having special needs or placed in special needs programs or including students in regular education classrooms with related services. One of these programs is the students of special education programs within this program as stated in chapter one in the book there are 4 disability categories account for the majority of students from 6-21, including these specific learning disabilities as in…show more content…
The teachers in successful schools work as a team to achieve this goal. A test of consultation, collaboration, and teaming concludes these approaches have been supported by professionals from various areas for at least the past 25 years. Legal basis for the approaches existing in federal laws such as P.L. 94-142 and amendments to it, as well as in state and local education agencies services delivery of others. The model in the book suggest interactive teaming as a response to the nation 's increasingly problems in special needs programs because it includes the teacher empowerment, community responsiveness and professional collaboration, all of which characterize successful schools for students who have special needs or are at risk. As we learned in the book, the interactive team is a group that functions at the highest level of professionalism because it involves both consultation and collaboration of each member of the team. The interactive teaming model includes components previously used to provide services to student with mild disabilities and in programs that provide educational, foundations and specific dimensions of interactive teaming. The test on consultation, collaboration, and teaming also revealed that a variety of models have been reviewed in the literature. Many

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