Historical Foundations

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A Reflection paper on Historical Foundations Date: 25.6.2013 Name: Nwe Ni Tun (M.Div-I) Historical Foundations play very important and basic part of Christian religious education. In investigating historical foundations, educators are forced to consider aspects of education which are more subject to change and various contingencies in different times and places. Through these situations, I will reflect on dealing with the challenges of educational ministries, Christians can discern lessons from the past that provide insights for current and future needs. History focuses upon a concrete and living reality with a constantly changing and developing character while the historical method in a narrow sense centers upon a pursuit of…show more content…
In addition, they may adapt educational strategies and methodologies that were effective in the past to present realities. History reveals that persons make history and can be used of God to redirect historical developments in significant ways. History also reveals that God is active through all persons who retain the image of God, and who are sustained divinely in their efforts. In Old Testament teaching, it included instruction and admonition. Instruction involved informing persons of God’s truths and demands; admonition entailed challenging persons in their way of life. The purpose of education in the Old Testament accounts was for holiness and transformation. The primary context for this education was the home and parents were responsible to instruct their children in the Law, bring them into wedlock, and teach them a trade. Teaching methodology depended upon oral communication with various memory aids, including poetry, word play, and acrostics. Teaching was conducted at scheduled times and on various spontaneous occasions with significant time devoted to instruction. Visual aids were used in teaching along with music and psalms. The guiding principle in all these teaching efforts was that persons would bring honor and credit to the name of God and their families through their lives. Several New Testament books evidence the use of different methods of education, most reflecting earlier Jewish customs. Education gradually came to emphasize a
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