Historical Impact of The Stonewall Riots in Stonewall Essay

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Historian David Carter, provides an intriguing in-depth look into the historical impact of the Stonewall Riots in Stonewall: The Riots that Sparked the Gay Revolution. This engaging book adds to the genre of sexual orientation discrimination. Carter extensively analyzes the various factors that played a role in igniting the Stonewall riots and the historical impact that the riots had on the Gay Revolution and movement for gay equality. Through the use of interviews, newspapers, and maps, Carter argues that the riots were a product of many geographical, social, political, and cultural factors. Carter further argues that the riots ultimately led to the forming of the Gay Revolution and caused sexual orientation to be a protected category…show more content…
Carter’s Stonewall focuses on the pre-Stonewall period (early 1960s-1969), the period during the Stonewall Riots, and the period following the riots. Carter structures the book into three sections: “Setting the Stage,” “The Stonewall Riots,” and “Gay Liberation.” In the first section, Carter makes a unique point of how a combination of geographical, political, cultural, and social factors led to the riots. Conveniently located “in a rather open area and on a main thoroughfare,” the Stonewall Inn was easily accessible to the gay community, but was also a target of the police department (Carter 68). Relying on maps of Greenwich Village during the time of the riots, Carter credibly argues that the club’s geographical location made it easier for thousands of people to quickly learn of the riots and get involved in the riots (256).
Furthermore, Carter does an extensive job of describing the relationship between the riots and the political atmosphere of the time. During the 1960s, there were a significant number of discriminatory laws against the homosexual community. Highly discussed in Stonewall are the attempts by the State Liquor Authority to restrict the selling of alcohol to homosexuals in clubs. Carter cites a legal memorandum written by an attorney hired by the Mattachine Society to investigate the legal policies behind the alcohol regulations in gay clubs during the 1960s. The legal memorandum in sum

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