Historical Importance of Civil Codes and Laws

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Amy Webb HIS 121-02 WESTERN CIVILIZATION I Fall, 2011 Historical Importance of Civil Codes and Laws When studying history we must consider the importance of law. Before there was written word, and set guides for what we consider civil behavior, there was no way for a civilization to grow under a centralized government with set laws and order to influence the actions of its population. When a crime was committed there was no set punishment. “Where there is no law there is no transgression” (KJV Bible, Romans 4:15). Historically civil code and laws have set forth social order, encouraged education of the population and provided for identity of class and gender. The first known set of written laws, or code of conduct…show more content…
Maintaining social order and creating a centralized government, promoting literacy and providing identity of class and gender are just a few ways that civil codes and laws have had their historical importance. All of these benefits of a written code of law allow a civilized population to expand and give boundaries that provide for regulation of morality and social order over large populations within the said boundaries of the law. Civil codes and laws, whether written or oral traditions of a said people, are what has historically set forth precedents that have shaped cultures, and allowed large populations to come together under one governing body and grow from cities into
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