Historical Influences On Manufacturing Regulatory Practices

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Historical Influences on Manufacturing Regulatory Practices: Pesticides
Pesticides have been in use for centuries in homes and in agriculture. Poisonous chemicals such as arsenic and cyanide have been used with varying degrees of success in controlling insects and rodents. As time passed, chemistry and the improvement of industrial techniques have created many potent compounds which have useful applications both in agriculture and human health. However, developmental progress comes with risks and unforeseen consequences. The correlation between the introduction of pesticides into our environment, and the subsequent environmental impacts has implicated toxic substances in the damage of ecosystems and health concerns. In addition to this, societal views on pesticides seem to have been largely influenced by the change in population structure from the agrarian to the suburban and urban. What use are chemicals which now have little apparent use to the average consumer? After the widespread use of pesticides and its general success in reducing disease and increasing crop yield, people began to wonder more about the possible negative long-term effects of pesticides. This event may have been influenced by the development of mass-media and the benefits of pesticides becoming more commonplace and taken for granted.
Major Historical Events As said earlier, arsenic, cyanide and other poisonous substances have been used for quite some time to kill pests. According…
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