Historical Influences On Manufacturing Regulatory Practices

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Historical Influences on Manufacturing Regulatory Practices: Pesticides
Pesticides have been in use for centuries in homes and in agriculture. Poisonous chemicals such as arsenic and cyanide have been used with varying degrees of success in controlling insects and rodents. As time passed, chemistry and the improvement of industrial techniques have created many potent compounds which have useful applications both in agriculture and human health. However, developmental progress comes with risks and unforeseen consequences. The correlation between the introduction of pesticides into our environment, and the subsequent environmental impacts has implicated toxic substances in the damage of ecosystems and health concerns. In
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However, it appeared that many of these toxic chemicals were ubiquitous in society during the time early in the 20th century and the regulation of manufacturing products was lacking, leading to a glut of various mislabeled products and false claims. This included pesticides and the government found that upon closer examination of the products that many were found to be falsely advertising both quantity and effect of their pesticides. This led up to the development of the Federal Insecticide Act (FIA) in 1910, aimed at protecting farmers from spraying products which were ineffective or harmful to their crops. Many pesticides became much more common after the Second World War, in which, due to various research projects identified controlling disease transmission to soldiers as a possible side benefit of chemicals developed for warfare. Development of many pesticides did occur before World War II, but it was only after their use in the war that they became more commonplace (Finnegan 1989). As crop yields increased and disease from insect vectors became less common due to the use of available pesticides, farmers and politicians began to push for increased usage of pesticides, tripling their manufacture
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