Historical Investigation Report On John F. Kennedy

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Riley Regan
Mrs. Arrembide
Period 1
14, April, 2015
Historical Investigation Report It’s November 22nd, 1963, President John F. Kennedy sits with his wife, Jackie, in the back of a limo (O’Reilly 257). Their driver, Bill Greer, takes them through the streets of Dallas, as people crowd the sidewalks to catch a glimpse of their beloved president. President Kennedy waves as people cheer and applaud him. Then a shot rings out, followed rapidly by two more shots. The people of Dallas are horrified as they watch President Kennedy’s head jolt back, blood spattering all over the frantic Jackie Kennedy. The limo speeds off, but it’s too late. Lee Harvey Oswald, the man responsible for those gun shots, has forever changed the course of history. John F. Kennedy was President during the height of the Cold War, one of the most troubling 20th century times in United States history. An incompetent President could’ve made disastrous mistakes, but President Kennedy rose to the challenge, becoming one of the most defining presidents of the 20th century. He handled the Cuban Missile crisis with strength and excellent diplomacy, he took a public stance in support of Civil Rights at a time that it was politically unpopular, and he even put the country on the path to putting the first man on the moon. I chose to do my Historical Investigation Report on John F. Kennedy’s presidency and assassination for a few reasons. First, I already had a decent amount of background
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