Historical Investigation on Ww2

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How did advancements of aviation during WW2 led to modern civil travel? Jesus Melgoza March 31, 2011 Word count: 1,645 A: Plan of investigation How did advancements of aviation during WW2 led to modern civil travel? This investigation will look to see how the advancements of the modern airplane during WW2 helped to shape civil travel today. This investigation will be looking mainly at secondary sources like sources of the planes themselves and histories or company who specialize in the modern aircraft, primary sources will be used only to tell of the handling of the plane themselves. This investigation will look at only airplanes and no other major types of travel. The investigation will not look to major battles or causes of…show more content…
Some limitations that can be found in this source are that may contain bias because it was made by the Boeing Company meaning they could have left something’s out or glorified some things. We need the point of view of an old CEO to tell how he wanted the company to be shaped and how this led to civilian transportation. D: Analysis The question of this investigation is how did advancements of aviation during WW2 led to safer civil travel? This can be proved very simply by saying that planes grew to be safer and many civil companies grew with the investments of war. During WW1 the life expectancy of a fighter pilot was a couple of weeks or in actual flying time a mere “40 to 60 hours” which can be rounded 2 to 2.5 days (American Aviators). During the use of planes for war it was considered to be a great hazard and many men would not return from this hazard. Then during WW2 the life expectancy dropped very dramatically due to the amount of anti-aircraft weaponry that became readily available to a soldiers on the battle field soon the life expectancy was a pitiful, “1 hour 46 minutes” for bomber pilots, “19 minutes” for fighter pilots, and an amazing “17 seconds” for glider pilots (Combat Gliders). This however did not stop the hungry for aviation very soon the courtiers of the world wanted better, faster, more durable planes and engines which lead to a technologic surge. Soon the a “mulit-bomber” plane would be able to reach speeds
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