Historical Memes : Captain America

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Ali Alhamad Prof. Elizabeth English 200 02 February 2015 Historical Memes (Captain America) A meme refers to an aspect of culture and traditions of a given community that are passed from one individual to the other through imitation. The Captain America meme is one of the historical memes that have experienced considerable impact in the American society. This simple denotes that captain America who is the protector and guider of the American society after the civil war still lives and directs the society`s activities. For instance, the daily activities such as work are entirely observed by this individual who the society believes has the powers over each individual in the community. It is imperative to note that, the various evils such as crime and corruption are closely examined by Captain America. Therefore, once an individual has been charged and imprisoned over crime, the society believes that Captain America has finally caught up with him. It is imperative to note that there are various ideas that are associated with this meme. For instance, the idea that the society is a body that is entirely governed by the powers of Captain America after the civil war has only developed in perception of the years. The Americans believe that Captain America is the controller of the society`s welfare and the various actions that are not of the legal framework. In addition, this meme approaches that the forces behind Captain America cannot be defeated by evil forces that have succeeded

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