Historical Nursing Practice Current Practice

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Historical Nursing Practice Current Nursing Practice
1. In the past, hospitals were staffed by male nurses. 1. These days, both men and women work in hospitals as nurses.
2. Earlier people were superstitious and they believed that whoever gets sick was because of their wrong doings and the signs of illness were evidence of the presence of evil spirits. Sick people were left to die. 2. These days people are more educated and they look after sick person by taking them to the GP or hospital so that the person can get the attention of the doctor and can get well soon.
3. In the past, staff were untrained workers and they do not need to hold any qualification in order to work as a nurse. 3. Nowadays, in order to become a nurse, you have to attend college or university for atleast 18 months (full-time) in order to gain your Diploma in Nursing and after that only, you can apply for registration from AHPRA. So these days, only trained workers are allowed as nurses.

AHPRA – It stands for Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. It’s operations are governed by the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law, as in force in each state and territory, which came into effect on 1 July 2010. Some of the functions performed by AHPRA are as follows:

• Manages the registration and renewal processes of health practitioners and students around Australia.
• Supports the National Boards in their primary role of protecting the public

ANMC – It stands for Australian Nursing

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