Historical Overview of Montessori Method

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Section 1, Part 1, Lesson 1 August 8, 2012
Lesson 1: Historical Overview of Montessori Method

Write a chronological overview (time line) of Maria Montessori’s life and work. Indicate the life events you feel were most significant in her development of the Montessori Method of education. Describe how Montessori developed her approach. Include the factors occurring at that time in the world that contributed to the method’s popular acceptance. Education being a necessary part of our lives, there has been several ways to teach a child and thus creating a teacher dominant learning. But, it was about a century ago when a revolutionary thought “teacher within” came to existence. It was the one woman who changed the world
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In addition to the isolation, she found she had another problem. She was repelled by the smell of the anatomy hall. When this became too complicated she tried smoking herself. Due to all these challenges, her interests turned to pediatrics and psychiatry. This would be the beginning of her lifelong work with children [4].
After graduating from the University of Rome in 1896, Montessori continued with her research at the University 's psychiatric clinic, and in 1897 she was accepted as a voluntary assistant there. Maria opened her own medical clinic to treat children. In 1897, she became an assistant doctor at the psychiatric clinic of the University of Rome. She began visiting asylums for mentally challenged and handicapped children. Maria observed that the living conditions for these children were miserable. The patients were kept like prisoners in dark, bare rooms with nothing to stimulate them. She observed that it was not the medical problem but rather pedagogical one. It was this time when she came across the work of two French doctors Edward Seguin and Jean Itard’s experiments to educate defective children. Maria observed these children picking up crumbs off of the floor and playing with them. She realized that the children were using the crumbs as toys. Maria realized that these children needed a special school that would meet their needs. While working at the asylum, Maria was introduced

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