Historical Overview of Us Govt's Role in Long Term Healthcare

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A Case Study: Why Illegal Immigration Is an Intergovernmental Mess and Will Remain So

Debra Nance
April 22, 2012
PMG 300 Critical Thinking


Along with religion and taxes, do not bring up illegal immigration at a dinner party unless you want heated discussions and grand exits along with lingering strained relationships. A discussion on illegal immigration leads to strong responses and strong emotions no matter what political party affiliation. There are those that blame the Feds for not guarding the borders well enough. And then there are others that blame the Feds for not defending the rights of all citizens. There are those that blame state and local governments for spending on services for "Illegals" that
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County Hospitals that are already underfunded to provide indigent and uninsured care for citizens are also providing health services for the immigrants. Local Law Enforcement and City and County jails deal with those immigrants that break the law and are having to absorb those costs until they can be handed off to Federal Immigration services for deportation.

State and local governments have been handed the problem of illegal immigrants by the Federal government. The Feds are not funding the services that have to be provided to these people and yet Government - either elected official or civil servant - is doing nothing to strengthen enforcement of the laws to remove those that are here illegally or to strengthen the borders and immigration process to keep illegal immigrants out. For the financial survival of many of our Border States; either illegal immigrants are breaking the law and need to leave the country or the laws need to be changed. This schizophrenic attitude towards immigration law enforcement has to stop - either the law has been broken or it has not and appropriate action needs to be taken. Either people are breaking the law and should be deported or they should be offered citizenship or the legal ability to stay. The States and Local Governments cannot afford to support illegal immigrant services and still take care of their own citizens.

II. How does the design of American

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