Historical Perspective On The Organization

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Amazon: Historical perspective on the organization At the beginning of each new semester, millions of students across the United State of America forsake their school bookstore and find their way to Amazon.com This hunt for class textbooks at a discounted price has become a part of the student culture in America. This phenomenon that occurs is merely a drop in the ocean of the giant that has become Amazon.com Amazon.com was founded in 1994 in Seattle, Washington by Jeffrey Bezos. In 1994, Jeffrey Bezos founded Amazon.com in Seattle Washington. Although the headquarters still remain the same, Amazon.com has been through changes. Amazon.com’s initially success was so much that by 1997 amazon had grown so much that it needed financial support from more than just the investors that it had. This financial need led Jeffrey Besoz to make Amazon.com a public company. This decision led to $54 million dollars being made on the NASDAQ. Two years later Amazon.com started its international operations (Hall, 2014). Along the way Amazon.com faced many critics that believed Amazon.com would fail. By the final quarter in 2001 Amazon.com still had not made any profits, seemingly proving the naysayers correct. Despite the gloomy reports, Jeffrey Bezos never lost faith and kept pressing forward. This tenacity has turned Amazon.com into what it is today. What began as a local company has 20 years later turned into a global company accomplishing Jeffrey Bezos vision of being the
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