Historical Perspective of Abnormal Psychology

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Historical Perspective of Abnormal Psychology
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Abnormal psychology can be defined as the study of mental disorders. It includes the topics and problems that are very common in our daily lives. TV, newspapers, magazines and websites, frequently expose the cases of celebrities and famous personalities that suffer from drinking, eating or some other kind of mental disorder.
The purpose of writing this paper is to explore the origin of the field of abnormal psychology, its evolution into scientific discipline and briefly discuss the different psychosocial, biological and socio-cultural theoretical models related to the development of abnormal psychology.
Origins of Abnormal Psychology
The field of abnormal psychology tuned out to be a scientific discipline in the last century but the introduction of the abnormal behaviour started as early in the Biblical history (Damour and Hansell, 2008). The initial explanation of the mental illness was a spiritual approach built on an assumption that the meta-physical spirit world can affect the real observable world. This assumption and belief on psychotherapy initiated the practice of boring holes in the skull of a person in order to take out the evil spirit. This medical process of actually performed in 3000 B.C in Bolivia, Peru and also in the pre-Hispanic Azrtec and Incan Civilizations (Shieff, Smith &
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