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Historical Perspective Essay 518 University of Phoenix December 16, 2012 Historical Perspective Essay The theory of adaption model developed over 40 years ago by nursing theorist Castilla Roy, is used in many fields of nursing especially areas of humanities and human science. Nursing theory provides the structural framework necessary for practice, and helps to further nursing knowledge providing an understanding of the scientific process, and the nurse’s role in the health care setting (Colley, 2003). According to Shosha and Kaladeh (2012) Roy’s model provided the nursing profession with a framework to help further model-based research with a methodological soundness not yet known to the profession. This short essay will…show more content…
For example, theories vary in their level of abstraction with the more abstract a grand theory and the less abstract a middle range theory (MRT). Roy developed a grand theory that the person is basically an adaptive system, considering the person holistically. Roy’s grand theory lead to a separate middle-range theories broken down into four adaptive modes: physiological mode, self concept mode, role function mode, and interdependence mode (Fawcett, 2005). Roy saw the concept related to person, environment, and nursing as a central part of nursing practice. She also defines the goal of nursing as promotion of the four adaptive modes. For instance, if a person’s physical and emotional needs are met, he or she is more likely experience faster healing with better outcomes. In this aspect the nurse becomes a key player in helping to promote an adaptive environment. An example of physiological modes related to adaption can be providing basic needs (i.e., rest, nutrition, oxygen, elimination). Meeting the psychosocial needs could incorporate helping a person cope by meeting their spiritual or emotional needs. Conclusion Research is important for the improvement to further the knowledge in nursing providing evidence based practice nursing theory. Models such as the RAM have significiantaly contributed to the discipline of evidenced based practice in
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