Historical Perspectives Of Health Care Delivery System

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Technological advances
Technology has been advancing every day, which has tremendous effects on the lifestyle of people. People are dependent on technology, and as a lifestyle of people change, a demand of advance technology grows. Technological advancement has both positive and negative effects, for instance, benefits of technological advancement are time saving, increases the production, simplifies the communication, improved the health care and education and others. On the other hand, technology has decreased the human interaction, people are lazy and dependent due to technology, which has decreased the innovation and increases the health risks such as weight gain and obesity-related health issues. This paper will describe regarding the historical perspectives of U.S health care delivery system. The paper will contrast and describe the two technological advances and their impact on a health care delivery system. In addition, a paper will explain regarding the author and public opinion on technological advances.

Two Different Historical Perspectives Regarding U.S Healthcare Delivery

The health care delivery system of the united states has undergone major changes in both social and technological perspectives. Following are the two different perspectives regarding U.S healthcare delivery system;

Public opinion of healthcare system
Historically people were less aware of the healthcare policy and their health status. They have dissatisfied with the health care delivery…

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