Essay on Historical Policy Comparison

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Historical Policy Comparison University of Phoenix CJA 463/Criminal Justice Policy Analysis Historical Policy Comparison In the past fifty years, the American system of criminal justice has undergone a number of critical changes involving policing, the courts and corrections. Landmark Supreme Court rulings, such as Miranda v. Arizona, and Mapp v. Ohio have shaped the way that law enforcement, as well as our courts, deal with individuals accused of committing crimes (Marion and Oliver, 2006). The following information will focus on the evolution of policing, our courts, and corrections system into agencies, which reflect the changing and diverse needs of our current population of primary importance, is the need for…show more content…
The court’s focus is to restore justice or to make society whole through instituting punishments according to the crime without exhibiting bias (restorative justice). However, as time passed, this approach did more harm than good to society because of the rise in judicial funding which results indirectly from “the” hyphen number of people behind bars. Generally, there is more than one approach to corrections policies that are supported by politicians on all levels of government. So, the courts considered a different approach to punishment after time past to lessen judicial failure and this approach involves less strict punishments and focus instead on rehabilitation programs, such as furlough programs (liberal approach) (Marion & Oliver, 2006, p. 1). In just, providing better opportunities for the unlawful to become productive citizens of society under monitored and agreed upon circumstances lessen crime and promote a health society. Surprisingly, despite “the image of being “nonpolitical and outside the outside the political arena, the justices serving on the courts and other courtroom personnel are political actors who are involved in the political system in many ways” (Marion, p. one). In other words, judicial officials are entangled in many
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