Historical Recap: Windows Operating System. Windows Operating

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Historical Recap: Windows Operating System
Windows Operating System exists in the family of the various virtual Operating Systems provided by Microsoft. It is a part of the OS from Microsoft that typically serve the IBM PC compatible machines and devices. The present active Windows include Windows NT, Embedded and Windows Phone. They do have subfamilies that include Windows CE and Server. The defunct family includes the 9x system while Windows 10 Mobile is inactive.
Looking back, Microsoft presented their first Operating System product in 1985 and it was called Windows. It was a development due to the demands and growing interest in the computing industry on the need for graphical user interfaces. It is important to remember that Mac OS
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Since then, Linux kernel has seen constant growth all over its history.
In 1992, Linux Kernel was licensed under in the GNU GPL and the primary Linux distribution was created. In 1993, over 100 developers assisted in adapting the kernel to the GNU setting. This created a wide range of application varieties for Linux, Slackware was released, and Debian project, which is presently the primary community distribution was established. In 1994, Torvalds released Linux version1.0 and SUSE and Red Hat published their Linux distributions version 1.0 (Duffy, 2003). In 1995, Linux was ported to Sun SPARC and to DEC Alpha and over the subsequent years it’s ported to other platforms. In 1996, Linux kernel version 2.0 was released and it became a serious option for a lot of companies since it was now able to serve several processors while still using Symmetric multiprocessing (kerrisk, 2010). In 1998, many companies announced support for Linux and Netscape made Linux gets the interest of the technical press when it publicly released its source code. In 2000, Dell announced of being the second supplier of Linux-based systems globally. By 2004, X.Org Foundation was formed and it speeded the development of X server meant foe Linux (kerrisk, 2010).
Open SUSE project began its free supply from Novell’s community in 2005 and in 2006 with Microsoft; they announced cooperation for

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