Historical Research On Popular Culture

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Brandon Schwery
Historical Research Paper
Popular Culture
22 October 2014
Popular culture defines our country in many aspects. It is how we will be viewed by future generations, and how we view previous generations. There are songs, movies, inventions, artwork, and books that let us momentarily go back into the times in which they were produced and let us experience it for ourselves. These different forms of media can teach us a lot about our ancestors. Popular Culture gives us an accurate windows into the times in which it was produced through many forms of media, events, and styles.
There were a lot of positive themes in the 1920’s. The American economy was thriving and the troops just returned home from war, which produced a united and
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The term flapper referred to women that were “northern, urban, single, young, middle-class women” (Flappers). Flappers had a new style and look that was not seen on women before; they would wear more revealing clothes such as short skirts, they cute their hair a lot shorter, and they would regularly wear makeup (Flappers). Flappers were a new type of woman that society was not used to. Flappers did not stay at home and rely on a man anymore; they would go out and find jobs to support themselves. At night, Flappers could be seen at “jazz clubs, vaudeville shows, and speakeasies” (Flappers). Flappers wanted to live by their own rules, and were not afraid of what society thought about them. “New woman of the twenties adopted the same carefree attitude toward prohibition as her male counterpart. Ironically, more young women consumed alcohol in the decade it was illegal than ever before.” (Flappers) Alcohol was made illegal by prohibition, but that did not stop flappers from having fun. They would frequent speakeasies and other underground clubs where they could purchase alcohol and enjoy the entertainment. Flappers not only started drinking alcohol, but they also started smoking. Smoking was “previously reserved for men” (Flappers), but that did not stop the women of the 1920’s from doing it. They were an entirely new group of women.
Jazz is a type of music that was originally from New Orleans that uses a
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