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Historical Settings During the late 1800s, women were devalued and not treated as fair as men. Women could not divorce and own a soul of their own. Women had certain expectations to live up to not only in their life, but in their family lives. There were also no telephones to cry for help or check on anyone. Hurston, Chopin, and Glaspell uses the historical settings to affect the readers’ judgement to sympathize with these women in the short stories and play. Due to the time period, an African American woman can work, but her husband is still head of the household. Delia is trapped with her no good husband, Sykes, who wants to run her away and bring the mistress in the house. Delia is now forced to defend her work that is built off…show more content…
The narrator says,” He looked down into her eyes and there was nothing for him to do but to gather her lips in a kiss” (Chopin). They cannot control the passion for each other. The feelings that they have for each other is irresistible and uncontrollable but, there is nothing they can do about it. . They must put their emotions to the side and do what is considered “right” at the time. To keep down commotion, they will have to keep the affair to themselves, because it is the only way to express their feelings, physically. Rosenblum writes, “When the storm subsides, they know they must separate, at least temporarily” (1). They do not feel guilty for the affair. Although, it is normally wrong, the affair makes them happy. Unlike their marriages, their love for each other is not arranged. Since women, especially white women, did not work, they were housewives. This caused women, such as Minnie, to be isolated. She is to cook, clean, and do for her family as expected. Unfortunately Mrs. Wright’s only family is her husband. In Beaty’s article, it states, “They communicate how greatly Mrs. Wright had changed over the years and how depressing her life with John Wright had been” (2). A wife with an abusive husband and a big farm can cause any wife to feel lonely during the winter. She is trapped in the house with a man who beats her and spends time working. There is nothing to do but to clean the house

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