Historical Significance and Leadership of Sojourner Truth

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Unit 9 Final Project SS230-01, Historical Significance and Leadership of Sojourner Truth. Philip P. Conty Sunday, April 28, 2013 Kaplan University Prof. Christopher Powers Historical Significance and Leadership of Sojourner Truth. Since the early twentieth Century, Sojourner Truth has been rated by a number of studies as among the prominent African Americans who have contributed to the rich history of the United States. Indeed, volumes of scholarly journals (Caroll, 1985; Redding, 1971) on America’s history have been adorned by her civil image and feminist character in the campaign against violation of women’s rights and slavery. Throughout her advocacy life, Truth will be remembered for having played a key role in raising funds…show more content…
Her contributions to emancipation of oppressed minorities from social restraint dates were initiated by her successful elusion from slavery in 1827 (Smith, 1951). After moving to New York City, she embraced evangelical religion and actively engaged in moral reforms. Having joined the Utopian Community (which was mainly based in New York), she ventured in the preaching career, acquiring a great deal of Biblical knowledge. Her abolitionist policies were inscribed in her entertaining and highly instructive gospel songs that she sang as a wandering orator and famous platform figure. A year before mandatory emancipation of slaves in New York City, Sojourner officially adopted the names “Sojourner Truth” in 1843. From Brawdy’s (1991) revelations, Truth proved to be a servant of the people during the Great Civil War. She collected clothing and food for displaced populations, tramping the isolated roads of Michigan. According to Edwards (1986), she was the first human rights activist to confront President Abraham Lincoln at White House, where she dedicated her life and mobilized resources to the service of freed persons. Truth’s extra-ordinary personality transcended her religious beliefs and obligations. A few studies claim that during the Reconstruction Period, she resolved to sell her personal images, photographs of her shadows as well as the narratives of her personal life to support the integration and inclusion of freed slaves into the American

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