Historical Significance of Multiple Books on Jim Crow's Life and Career

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11 December 2012
Strange Career of Jim Crow Significance
The author of this report is asked to answer to a series of specific questions as it relates to a certain book written about Jim Crow and the wider historical and social significance of the same. The Supreme Court decision that involved Jim Crow and the separation of blacks and whites is to be discussed as well as a general reaction to the book. All of this and more will be covered. The Woodward work is recognized as one of the most hard-hitting and honest historical reviews of slavery and state-sanctioned racism in the United States law and general practice.
Historical Context of the Book
The historical context of the Jim Crow book and of the wider Jim Crow issue is clear to anyone that has a modicum of historical understanding. The Jim Crow laws, as they came to be known, were the laws that codified the concept of "separate but equal". Instead of sanctifying open and equal access for all races regardless of subject or the color of the person involved, it was a de facto allowance by the Supreme Court for "separate but equal" to be the law of the law rather than allowing for any pretense of equality for all being the norm. The racist practices of the Jim Crow laws were later affirmed by Plessy v. Feguson in 1896, which greatly exacerbated the use of the laws, especially in the South.
These laws were created roughly from 1800 to 1866 and…
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