Historical Sites Of Ancient Rome

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Historic Preservation Rome is famous for two of their greatest historical sites they are the Coliseum and the Pantheon. These historical sites will not last forever so Rome needs to find a way to preserve the sites. The problem Rome has right now is that there is a lot of air pollution and traffic near these sites which causes instability over time to these buildings. When these historical buildings were built the people of Rome didn’t know in the future that there would be a problem with traffic and pollution that would affect these buildings. Rome also needs to come up with a plan to protect these buildings from natural disasters like earthquakes. “The problem that Rome has about making these historical sites quake proof is that it costs…show more content…
Rome has come up with 5 solutions to help the inner city “1. Make environmental islands which is to help reduce through traffic. 2. Have parking regulations for public vehicles and goods vehicles. 3. Have vehicle sharing systems (cars, vans, bicycles). 4. Introduce electric and hybrid vehicles over time. 5. Make pedestrian areas and pathways” (Nussio 6). They are planning to make a “rail ring zone which is: a low emission zone that could become subject to payment according to vehicle emission class. Reorganize the public transportation so it will be more integrated with Metro, Tram, and Railway nodes. Make urban transport more sustainable and reduce the transport emission in the city” (Nussio 7). Their goal is to expand the rapid transport system by going underground and build a new tramway system. Complete roadways that are under construction, manage parking, and make the park and ride better. They have two options for car-sharing: fixed and free-flow. “Fixed car sharing will be in 4 central districts it will have an annual fee and low hourly costs. Cars will be placed in fixed areas that the consumer will have to return to where they picked the car from. It will be managed by the Mobility Agency. Free-flow car sharing will be use within 35 sq. km of the city. It has free places, which means that you can park the car where you want, but it has higher costs because it is per minute instead of per hour. It is managed by
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