Historical Sites Of Ancient Rome

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Historic Preservation
Rome is famous for two of their greatest historical sites they are the Coliseum and the Pantheon. These historical sites will not last forever so Rome needs to find a way to preserve the sites. The problem Rome has right now is that there is a lot of air pollution and traffic near these sites which causes instability over time to these buildings. When these historical buildings were built the people of Rome didn’t know in the future that there would be a problem with traffic and pollution that would affect these buildings. Rome also needs to come up with a plan to protect these buildings from natural disasters like earthquakes. “The problem that Rome has about making these historical sites quake proof is that it costs a lot of money. The reason it costs so much is that they need to drive metal poles into centuries-old walls and roofs. Rome doesn’t have the money since they have been in a recession” (Lyman). Rome needs to find other ways to preserve these sites that will not cost too much money. If a solution to this problem is not solved soon many historical sites will be gone forever. Now I will begin to discuss the solutions to the problems that have been talked about in the previous paragraphs starting with transportation.
Rome’s Solutions – Transportation Rome has come up with a plan to help with the transportation problem. Their main goal is to “reconnect the city, reduce the use of private vehicles including motorcycles. Recover and redistribute…

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