Historical Timelime

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Introduction As we glance at the evolution of nursing we begin to realize that the practice of today has been built upon 140 years of research that is responsible for the growth and development of evidenced based practice. This paper will explore several theories from Florence Nightingale to today’s theorist in sequence to visualize the development of our current nursing practice Each theorist has its own unique conceptual model that propels our profession to think differently when applied to our practice. Evidenced based practice is therefore a deliberate, intellectual activity by which the practice of nursing is approached in an orderly, systematic manner also known as the nursing process (Walker & Avant, 2011).…show more content…
According to Dr. Teruko Takahashi of Japan, he noted that nursing science is a unique human science which focuses on phenomena related to human health (George, 2011). Dr. Brian Millar of Great Britain noted nursing science as the body of knowledge developed from questions raised by nurses and investigated by them, concerning the relationship of the human-health-environment (George, 2011). Therefore, nursing is both an art and a science that have derived concepts that leads to further research, new theories and evidence based practice (Walker & Avant, 2011). Influences on Nursing Holistic care is the hallmark of nursing practice. It is said that to treat disease we must look at the whole person, spiritually, physically and psychologically. The classical definition of holism is that people are multidimensional. They are interacting wholes and more than the sum of their parts (Hancock, 2000). Focusing on holistic care when planning new developments and writing guidelines or policies is all to the good but is only meaningful if patients perceive that they receive holistic care from the staff with whom they have contact (Willis, 2002). Patients who receive holistic care may respond better to treatment because they perceive their whole being as being cared for. Ultimately, nursing as a science has been influenced by other disciplines such as philosophy, religion,

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