Historical Timeline Of East West Relationship Essay

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Historical Timeline of East-West Relationship Post World War II Having formed an alliance of convenience for the purpose of defeating their common axis enemy led by Hitler of Germany, the climate of distrust between the United Socialist Soviet Republics (USSR) and the west led by the United States of America (USA) still continued after the world war. Prior to the world war two, there were tensions between the USSR and the USA over the refusal of the Americans to recognize the government of the Bolshevik regime in 1933, and to further deteriorate things joseph Stalin had signed a pact with Germany’s Hitler which allowed Russia to annex the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) and much of Poland. However Russian resentment for the west during the war would have a great impact on the their distressed relationship largely because of Russian perception of the western delay to open a second front against Germany, as a tactic to ensure Russia bore the brunt of the war which caused Russia tremendous pain and hardship. The diminishing status of the United Kingdom after the world war left the world with basically two super powers which were the USA and the USSR each with its own vision for a post divided Europe. The war left Russia with the most share of the over sixty million death recorded as a result of the war : this led Russia to aggressively push for its control
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