Historical Trends Of Asia, Latin America, And The Middle East

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Jonathan Leighton
Dr. Mayer
Hist 104
25 July 2014

Analyze World History From 1920-1990 Focusing On Asia, Africa, Latin America, And The Middle East
There has been some noticeable historical changes that have taken place in different regions across the globe. This paper will thus concentrate on the analysis of historical trends of Asia, Latin America and Africa in the last century. Historical change has been facilitated by the changes in relationship and interactions that has allowed creativity to an extend where there has been some heightened level of change through the years as seen by the noticeable changes in the different region as shall be analyzed in this paper. This changes range from technological innovations, cultural origination that have managed to be used across the different parts of the globe (Sivers, Desnoyers and Stow 29).
The patterns and effects of interactions amongst societies and regions around the Silk Road in Asia is a result of the growth of trade in Asian history. The effects of war, diplomacy and trade in history of Asia will be analyzed in detail in the paper too as significant historical events in the region.The Silk Road is a worldwide known trade route of early Asian civilization. “Silk Road” was initially coined to give a description of the most crucial and dynamic epitome of economic activities in the world. Silk Road was the greatest trade route that linked East Asia to Europe and to Africa. Silk Road played a critical role during its
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