Historically Black Colleges And Universities Essay

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Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or HBCUs, have played an important role in enriching the lives of not just African Americans, but our entire country.”(Keller) What Ric Keller states here is an opinion that outlines a compelling fact about HBCUs that along with several other significant information that may come as a surprise. Essentially, the great debate between the choice of whether a Historically Black College and University or Predominantly White Institution is more beneficial or not can become a pondering interrogation. Each acronym defines itself, Historically Black Colleges and Universities(HBCUs) were established by the means of providing an education for predominantly African American students. Whereas, Predominantly White Intuitions(PWI) serve to instruct and educated the opposite or in other words those of Caucasian descent. HBCUs are institutions that were founded before 1964 where most were developed after the Civil War and are usually located in the former slave states with a small amount of notable exceptions. Today in the United States, there are 107 HBCUs this includes public and private institutions, medical and law schools. Even though a PWI does not discriminate other races in admissions what it can provide for an African American versus the African Americans that attend HBCUs is a drastic difference. HBCUs should be considered over PWIs because it allows African Americans to comfortably steer away from racism, African American
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