Historiography: History Of American Foreign Relations

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1. Define historiography. a. Historiography: All the writing of history is mainly questioned by questioning the sources that were involved during that time in history and including all their theories and principles which are always included in all history material. 2. The author states, “The history of American foreign relations reflects an evolving nation and often competing conceptions of history.” What does he mean be this? What does this tell you about the nature of history? a. The phrase that is stated has a meaning by the foreign relations change through the change in historical events. Foreign relations continue to change through the evolving concepts and events of history because everything continues to evolve especially historical events because new information is found and the relations continue to change. The nature of history is evolving which creates more and more complicated foreign relations because the people involve declare for more regulations. 3.…show more content…
There are, as you can tell from the article, competing “schools” of thought when it comes to history. Pickett mentions, for example, the German school of the late 19th century and the Progressives (more on them later). What does the author have to say about the “revisionists?” a. 4. Finally, using the article, create an outline of the defining events of American diplomatic history. You can feel free to impress me and add your own events to this
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