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What are the triangular indentations used for the script of the Sumerians called?[pic] Cuneiform[pic] Who was Gilgamesh, and which city did he rule?[pic] Gilgamesh was the King of Uruk. His reputation inspired the Epic of Gilgamesh/5th king of Uruk(2500 BC), reigned 126 yrs/lugal “big man”(leader) wealthy young man, warrior [pic]Which technologies were used by the earliest Western civilizations? [pic] Stone, wood, leather, and fibers[pic]/ 1st appearance of tools (bone, wood, stone) (Paleolithic “Old Stone Era”) What conclusions may be drawn from a study of the Iceman and the materials found with him about what he did and what he was most likely to have been? [pic] He was probably a hunter or a shepherd…show more content…
[pic]Monotheistic. God is an almighty creator of everything. Source of everything that was/is.[pic] How did the Israelites view themselves and their role in the world?[pic] They are his "chosen people". He did not value them over others, but invited them to become his special human partners and to have a history that was to disclose him to the world.[pic] Who was Israel's first king?[pic] Saul [pic]Why was the larger significance of Hammurabi's code? [pic]It brought a consistency of punishment for crime based on class associtation. Women could inherit. Made separate provisions for :1 aristocrats, 2 free commoners, 3 dependents and slaves.[pic] Hammurabi's Code was in many respects like Babylonian society - so how should it best be described? [pic]Enlightened [pic]What aspect of Assyrian society is depicted on the bas-relief stone slabs unearthed at Nimrud? [pic]Military items [pic]Why is David considered to be the Biblical king supported by the most historical evidence? Data

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