History 1302 Term Paper

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The United States of America is a declining global power related to the never-ending war, lack of political cohesion and the greed of Americans to self-indulge rather than attempt to make the U.S. a better place as a whole. The U.S. showed its vulnerability when New York City was attacked, the twin towers destroyed and thousands of innocent lives were lost, an event forever known as 911. How could such an event like this happen to the so-called superpower known as the United States of America? As stated on page 2 of the readings, the defense department was not defending their own borders. They were too busy defending other countries. While it is important as a superpower to help others in need, a government should first have all matters…show more content…
Americans believe in multiple chances to succeed. Failure is okay as long as you learn from it and move on to a successful attempt. That driving force to succeed makes for more innovative thinkers. Being fed facts and made to regurgitate them for testing purposes does not spark imagination and lead to new discoveries. Different studies result in different opinions of which style of education is better. When broken down and actually comparing apples to apples, America’s educational system is a clear winner and “trains more engineers per capita than either India or China does.” (10). In conclusion, America is losing superpower stature related to greed and over-consumption, bad politics and the need to remain in wars without ends. Americans need to unite as a political force and stop bickering like children between party lines. Instead of saying “no” to everything from the opposing party, be more constructive to find solutions. That shows strength instead of the weakness portrayed by arguing. American’s need to become a more industrial nation as we once were and stop sending the production to other countries to save on the bottom line. Also, a stop to borrowing for mere consumption needs to end. The borrowing should be put to advancing the country
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