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The Intern yep April 9, 2012 yep The Internet The internet has changed the world as we knew it. The world no longer communicates, does business, or perches commodities in the same a traditional way. E-mail, instant massager and chat rooms were the first innovations to be used by the public. As time went on more and more people depended on the internet to communicate with each other. It did not take long for the U.S. Postal service to see the decline in mailed letters. With the internet being so easy to access and email being so easy to use it quickly became the preferred way to communicate with family and friends over long distances. Companies soon followed suit to better serve their clients. Over time the internet began to take…show more content…
Take President Obama’s campaign for example. President Obama put out campaign messages on You Tube that millions of people saw. This created a buzz on the internet helping him to win the election. The internet has been the rise and fall of many entrepreneurs. For example, the rise and fall of the DOT-com. The DOT-com in a business whose main sail and advertisements are on the internet. DOT-coms are businesses like Yahoo.com and Ebay.com. In the early 1980’s the commercialization of the internet started. This allowed and promoted the DOT-com bubble. The reason so many thought that the DOT-com was a superior way of doing business is because the startup was lower, the rent space was less and you could do business easily with in America and worldwide. There were many other advantages that appealed to startup companies to help finance the DOT-com phenomenon. With the market full of DOT-coms it was only a matter of time before the supply outweighed demand and many of them did not have a positive cash flow to support themselves. The DOT-coms could only stay in business as long as the investors supported them. With no profit in sight the investors pulled out and the stock market dropped. With this drop a panic in sued and investors and stockholders jumped ship causing the bubble to burst. Only the strongest
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