History 175 Quiz 4

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1. That Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms switched their party affiliation was an indication that | Democrats were losing the solid South. | | African Americans in the South would be voting in growing numbers. | | Republicans were going to have a difficult time winning elections in the South. | | Democratic politicians in the South were solidly behind federal civil rights legislation. | 2. One surprising development in the 1972 presidential election was | strong conservative support for Richard Nixon. | | Richard Nixon's strength among southern, Catholic, urban, and blue-collar voters. | | George McGovern's strength among southern, Catholic, urban, and blue-collar voters. | | George McGovern's…show more content…
| | Jerry Falwell to fight �left-wing, social welfare bills� and �the advocacy of immorality in school textbooks.� | | Ralph Nader to fight for corporate responsibility in the production of consumer goods. | 18. The "Laffer Curve" held that | balancing the federal deficit was a top priority. | | spending by governments had little bearing on economic growth. | | improving wages would cure economic ills. | | lowering taxes would actually increase government revenue. | 19. The Reagan administration's decision to deregulate the banking industry | strengthened the financial position of savings and loan institutions. | | led to a crisis in the savings and loan industry and an added burden for taxpayers. | | forced all savings and loan institutions into bankruptcy. | | led to a flurry of mergers that left the country with just five major banks. | 20. Defense spending under President Reagan | rose to $500 billion per year. | | increased beyond the level of spending during the Vietnam War. | | fell by almost 30 percent. | | was a response to the federal budget surplus. | 21. When Congress blocked President Reagan's efforts to help opponents of the leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua, | administration officials acted secretly and illegally to undermine congressional authority. | | monies and arms were funneled to the Contras through the FBI. | | the president

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