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University of Phoenix Material Week One Study Guide As you read this week’s required materials, complete this study guide. Review the material to study for the final examination in Week Five. This is a multipage assignment: double-check that you have completed each page before submitting. History and Archaeology I. Fill in the blanks to complete the following sentences. • The written record of the past and the study of past written records is called History . • The study of the past based on recovering and identifying artifacts and making inferences about those who left these artifacts is called Archaeology . • Both historians and archaeologists describe the past. Historians study written records…show more content…
• The Druze , who live in modern Lebanon and Syria, originated as a splinter group that believed that one of the Fatimid caliphs was the last incarnation of God. • The Fatimid empire weakened in the 12th century and was conquered by Salah al-Din or Saladin. III. Identify at least one element of Fatimid culture for each of the following categories. One example is provided: for that category, identify at least one additional cultural element. | |Fatimid cultural elements | |intellectual contributions |Founding of Cairo as intellectual center | | |The Druze | |architecture |Mosques and places in Cairo | |artistic forms |glazed ceramics | | |glassware | | |decorated script | |religious beliefs
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