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Objectives: WEEK ONE SUBMITTED ____________________________________________________________________________________ WEEK TWO **Individual Assignment** 2. Resources: Ch. 6–10 of Colonial America and MyHistoryLab Write a 350- to 700-word essay response to each of the following questions: Question 1: How was trade in the New World a source of revenue for monarchies and for the colonies? Question 2: What are the similarities and differences between early colonial and contemporary American beliefs about religious freedom and tolerance? Question 3: Examine Bacon’s Rebellion or Leisler’s Rebellion and address the following questions: What were its causes and consequences? Do you think the…show more content…
To allow for authenticity, you are not required to include an APA-consistent citation within the body of the letter. Rather, use a footnote for each source and include the full citations on a separate page. The assignment still needs to be in Times New Roman or Ariel font, and double spaced. Submit your three letters as a single Microsoft® Word document. Labor in the Colonies Chart Reflect on the intense workdays for urban and rural colonists. Use the chart provided to depict the different ways colonists tried to solve the labor problem in the colonies, including slavery, indentured servitude, and immigration.Each box should consist of 100 of your own words. _____________________________________________________________________________________ WEEK FOUR 4. Resources: Ch. 25–26 of Colonial America, Ch. 4–7 of Revolutionary America, and MyHistoryLab Select two pieces of British legislation that effected social, economic, or political life in the colonies. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that analyzes the effects of the selected legislation on American colonial life. Use at least two primary documents to support your analysis. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. __________________________________________________________________________________ WEEK FIVE 5. Resources: Ch. 27 of Colonial America,
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