History 53 Judaism Essay

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HISTORY 53 FINAL 1 Id-According to the Old Testament, what massacre took place shortly after Moses received the 10 Commandments and why did it take place? Briefly list the main events in Moses’ life according to the Old Testament. Do any Egyptian sources confirm the events narrated in the Old Testament? 2 Id- When was the kingdom of Judah conquered by the Babylonians? Who destroyed the northern kingdom (Israel) and when? Who were the Prophets within Judaism and what was the focus of their message? How what they did and said can be compared to what Jesus did and said? When did Jewish people transition from pastoralism to agriculture and from being nomadic to sedentary? 3 Id-Where and when did Zoroastrianism originate? How did…show more content…
What was it? What was the Witch Hunt? How was confession obtained? Why were midwives often victims of the Witch Hunt? What is the idea of Manifest Destiny? How can it be justified religiously? How was Christianity used to justify the colonization of the Americas? When did the Crusades take place and what were they? How did St. Augustine lay the theoretical groundwork for the forced conversions of millions of people throughout the world? 14 Id-Who was John Calvin? How did Protestantism contribute to the development of capitalism? Does capitalism seem to fit with Jesus’ message about wealth? What major changes did Martin Luther advocate? What was Martin Luther’s approach on priestly celibacy? Who was St. Francs of Assisi and why was he criticized by Martin Luther? What was Martin Luther’s attitude toward Jewish people? 15 E-Did the creation of Protestantism occur peacefully? Why were many rulers attracted by Martin Luther’s message? In terms of the 6 Ways, how did Protestantism switch the emphasis within Christianity? When did the Council of Trent take place and how did it change Catholicism? Why was the “discovery” of the Americas troublesome for the Church? Why were the astronomical discoveries of Copernicus and Galileo opposed by the Church? What kind of changes took place during the 1962 Second Vatican Council? 16 Id-What are the 7 sacraments of Catholicism? Would it be fair to say that women had a subordinate role in
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