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Description: As defined by Palmer and Yantis (1990) stuttering is “a disruption of the forward flow of speech…an interruption in speech fluency” (Palmer & Yantis, 1990). These pauses or breaks in speech are often referred to as “disfluencies.” They go on to state that “the forward flow of speech can be impeded either by a cessation of talking such as an obvious hesitation, by repetition, or by prolongation of some aspect of speech and apparently be unable to control this repetition” (Palmer & Yantis, 1990). History: Little is known about the origin of stuttering because the disorder is found is every language and in every country. According to Wingate (1997) there is evidence of what translates to be a speech disorder in Egyptian…show more content…
Mr. Johnson noted that the stutterer has learned to stutter. He noted that parents label their children as stutterers and made it a point to acknowledge their child’s speech problem in turn causes the child to stutter to avoid a punishment. Mr. Sheehan uses the “approach avoidance conflict” theory. This states that a child once encountered a stuttering event and now tries to avoid that situation in turn causing the child to stutter (p.119) Incidence: According to the American Institute for Stuttering (2011) “the disorder occurs in 5-8% of children between the ages of two and six.” Of these children “70-80% of them will outgrow their symptoms of stuttering naturally.” The 70-80% of children that outgrew the disorder sought early intervention. Stuttering affects approximately “1% of the population including all languages and cultures.” Stuttering affects males 3 times more than females. “The 1% of each population amounts to 4 million Americans and 60 million of the world’s population” (About stuttering, 2011). Once a child has been identified as a stutterer a speech language pathologist is recommended for these children. The speech language pathologist will work with the family and child to identify areas of most concern and produce an individualized treatment. According

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