History And Abundance Of Wildlife

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1) 1600-1849: Era of Abundance Americas being settles and Jamestown first settlement in history and abundance of wildlife (Shaw, 316) 2) 1639: first game law in North America Rhode Island closed hunting season for white-tailed deer from May to November (Leopold, 1933 a, p. 481) 3) 1694: Massachusetts issued similar law to 1639 (Leopold, 1933 a, p. 481) 4) 1708: colony of New York protected ruffed grouse, wild turkey, and heath hens during part of the year (Leopold, 1933 a, p. 481). New York prohibited killing of turkey in three counties from April 1 to August 1. Led to other states protecting wild turkey during nesting and brooding season (Leopold, 1933 a, p. 481). 5) 1738: First “buck law” in Virginia only allowed killing of antlered bucks (Leopold, 1933 a, p. 481). 6) 1767: Steller’s sea cow extinct (Bolden and Robinson, 2003, p. 13). 7) 1842: Geer v. Connicut issue of ownership over wildlife (Bolden and Robinson, 2003, p. 513). 8) 1850-1899: Era of Overexploitation characterized by decimation of herds of bison (Shaw, 316). 9) 1872: Yellowstone made first National Park (Bolden and Robinson, 2003, p. 351). 10) 1874: veto of bill to protect bison by President Grant (Bolden and Robinson, 2003, p. 10). 11) 1878: bag limit idea introduced when Iowa limited to 25 greater prairie chickens per day (Leopold, 1933 a, p. 481). 12) 1885: Division of Entomology provided grant of $5000 to Ornithologists’ union to determine status of bird distribution and migration (Bolden and

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