History And Culture Of The Hispanic World Essay

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COSTA RICA History and Culture of the Hispanic World I. La Conquista a. Initial Years of the Conquista in Costa Rica Like many of countries in Central America, the arrival of Christopher Columbus in Puerto Limon was met with troubles. However, the Ticos (as they are known) welcomed them with open arms and exchanged gifts with Europeans who passed through the area. Europeans were always given gold, coining the name “the rich cost.” Many natives fled areas penetrated by European settlements due to diseases like smallpox and tuberculosis. Unlike other places that were “discovered”, Europeans could not get the locals to work for them. So, Europeans were left to scratch out new farms themselves. After 1821’s independence of Guatemala, Costa Rica held elections for a new government the same year. (Shields). Once the new government had started, it put people to work by building road ways, schools, and encouraged businesses to start. Costa Rica never really rebelled against the Spaniards, but followed the lead of Guatemala. b. Colonial System In 1564, Juan Vasquez de Coronado founded the first permanent European settlement, Cartgao (been there!). (Morrison). Cartago is a city based mostly out of agriculture. Farming is a huge part of Cartago, and Costa Rica’s success. Driving through the streets of Cartago is like finding hundreds of carts and shops with various produce, fruits, and vegetables. Costa Rica is known as the Switzerland of Central America. (Shields). While the
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