History And Culture Surrounding America 's Pre Colonization

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The history and culture surrounding America’s pre-colonization is often forgotten to our presidents and our tax rights. However, the natives whom have been impacted have not forgotten this. The Cherokee people have held on to the basics of their way of life and customs, while being forced to incorporate white culture into their daily lifestyles. Pre-European contact, before the 1600’s, the Cherokee people and their nation were made up of a very large tribe that ranged from the Appalachian mountains, to the Mississippi river, and from the Ohio river to what is now North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Oklahoma, to name a few states. The native people were divided up into five tribes which are known as the Cherokee, Chicaksaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole. Specifically referring to the Cherokee, they lived a lifestyle that was very diverse, as they accepted many people from different tribes into their own tribe with welcoming arms. Due to the way they lived, the Cherokee were considered to be one of the most civilized Native American tribes. Each Cherokee tribe member was a part of a clan system, which they inherited from their mother, since the Cherokee lived under a matrilineal system. Whatever clan a Cherokee child’s mother was in would be the clan they join from birth. The clan system was divided up into seven unique clans: Wolf, Deer, Blue, Paint, Long Hair, Bird and the Wild Potato Clans, where each clan had a special trait. The Wolf Clan (Ani
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