History And Development Of Apple

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1. History, Development and growth of the company over time.
First, let’s start with the Apple Inc. mission and the company history and an introduction of what apple is and what they do and provide to the market. Apple designs high quality personal computers, music players and mobile communication devices for business, education and entertainment (Apple, 2012). Apple, through easy to use, professional software such as iOS, OSX and iTunes leads the world in digital music distribution and mobile computing with its iPod, iPhone and iPad devices (Apple, 2012). Apple will continue to create electronic devices and software that is so cutting edge that it is redefining mobile computing, media distribution, and communication.
• 1976: Apple Computer
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The machine fixed shortcomings and sales started to grow again. Another thing that drove sales higher was Apple’s domination of the desktop publishing market. The period between 1986 and 1991 were in many ways the golden years for Apple. Because it made both hardware and software, Apple was also able to control all aspects of it computers to plug and play method (Wikipedia, 2012).
• 1990: In this year Apple sales reached $5.6 billion its global market share which had fallen recently due to IBM has picked back up and stabilized at 8%. The company had a strong balance sheet and was the most profitable personal computer manufacturer’s in the world.
• 1991: In this year Apple came out with its first PowerBook notebook. There were four things Sculley’s did in his game plan to deal with IBM’s competition they were. First he appointed himself chief technology officer. Second he committed the company to bring out a low cost version of the Macintosh to compete with IBM clones. Thirdly he cut cost within the company. Fourth he called for the company to maintain it technological lead by bringing out hit products every 6 to 12

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