History And Development Of Law Enforcement

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Written Assignment #1 In this essay I will be writing about subjects about law enforcement. The first is the history and development of law enforcement, the hiring of, training of, and career paths of law enforcement officers, and last the various styles and primary operational strategies of today’s law enforcement agencies. The history of criminal justice system has come a long way from 1653 to where we are now in present day. America was built on the idea that government will not be centralized. That is why the Constitution developed a government divided into three branches. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The purpose for a government divided into three branches is to limit the power of the government. The same idea is what created the criminal justice system in which we have in today’s time. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 limit the power of local law enforcement, and restricts the government from using military personal to inforce laws on US soil. Furthermore, another authority that limits the power of law enforcement, but also empowers, is jurisdiction. Jurisdiction is what give our police officers the right to inforce laws. Each law enforcement agency has its own jurisdiction they must follow. Political jurisdiction has three major divisions: Federal, state, and local. Each political jurisdiction division operate within their own borders, and only answer to the jurisdiction of their
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