History And Development Of Tourism

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1.1 History and development of tourism
The activity of tourism begins with the rich people, with images of long visits to spas and coastal resorts or religious tourism, then Thomas Cook designed the Grand Tours before it becomes social and global phenomenon.
It should be noted that in most countries, transforming tourism into an economic activity on a national scale has occurred in the second half of the century. Furthermore, the consolidation of tourism has led to appearance of the provision of the services, process known collectively as the tourism industry.
Looked in correlation with the national economy, tourism acts as an inspiring component of the global economic system because it involves an increase in production of goods and services, also development of material and technical base and stimulating the construction and equipping the accommodation and food establishments, upgrading the road network, development of transport, leisure facilities.
Viewed as a social and economic phenomenon creator of benefits, tourism has been defined alternatives of the most diverse: ,,art of traveling for his own pleasure" ( M. Peyromaure Debord ); ,, Leisure activity which consisted of voyage or live far from their place of residence for entertainment, recreation , culture and enriching experience thanks to new knowledge and human aspects unknown landscapes" (Jan Medecin); ,, Phenomenon of our times , based on increased the need to restore the health and environment change , growing
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