History And Function Of Foreign Affairs

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The History and Function of Miniseries of Foreign Affairs The practice of what we call diplomacy did not always exist in the way we know it today. In its place entities, which can be loosely defined as States, employed rudimentary lines of communication between one another dating back to 15th centenary. It was an arduous task to have open and responsive lines of communication between these states, however, given the close proximity of Italian city-states and their need for open channels of communication made Italy uniquely opportune for the development and maturation of diplomacy. After years of practicing what was called ‘continuous negotiation’ or négociation continuelle the French created what is presumed to be the first foreign…show more content…
9). MFAs are then “responsible for advising on the policies they should be required to implement, issuing the appropriate instructions, and ensuring that they are carries out (Berridge 2010 pg. 10).” Part of the responsibility is the analysis of the information that missions send home. There is the primary function of MFAs to coordinate foreign relations. Lastly, MFAs are charged with overseeing interaction with foreign diplomats at home. Berridge begins his book with what is essentially a fundamental background on the evolution the MFA as an institution and how most function today. While some might consider this information mundane or inconsequential to the goal of discussing diplomacy at length, Berridge touches on these subjects because diplomacy, like everything, is not static. Therefore, diplomacy is both effected by its own history and by the administrative mechanism found within; a simplistic but critical point to make. Negotiation Negotiation is the most frequently used tool in diplomacy and, as Berridge points out, starts well before any representatives sit down at a table (Berridge 2010 pg. 27). There is a pre-negotiation phase of arrangements that must be made beforehand in order to get all of the appropriate parties of a conflict to participate.

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